Saturday, August 16, 2008

I will be posting the bomb intro later on. Just have to get it into AFX to cut it out of the film festival itself. Unfortunately, I placed all sounds into it when it was in Final Cut with all the other parts of the film festival. I should have done it on it's own and then submitted it so that I would have had a copy of it with the sound included, but that did not happen. So anywho, here's other stuff to pass the time while you wait. How gracious of me.

Fish Food was animated by Alice Herring. The fish animation and layout were Alice's, I did the bubbles and animated the text for this sequence using After Effects.

And here was a project that I did for Digital FX class that was a "Grab Bag" assignment that I'm not sure many people have seen. Anyway, it was hard to do b/c all the film footage we got was incredibly old and pixellated with camera shake and all kinds of fun stuff to pick through. Lots of roto work. Anywho, I came up with this little number, and it cracks me up, though it's totally ridiculous and cheesy. And demented. But it's a cheap thrill, what else can I say? You will never look at Ajax the same ever again.

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corinne said...

Lol, the Ajax one is fun.